High value men know how to ignore women and prioritize their own goals and purpose, which sets them apart from desperate men and attracts high-quality partners.

They are different from alpha male or another personality of male. High value men are successful in their life and they are highly focused on their goal rather than falling in love with beauty.

High value men value directness and straightforwardness in their relationships. they are always ready to ignore things that distract them from achieving their life goals.

High value men know how to ignore women, which sets them apart from desperate men who crave attention, and this is achieved by not giving women free attention that inflates their ego.

High value men don't give women constant attention like other men, leaving them confused and desperate for validation.

High value men prioritize their goals and purpose over inflating a woman's ego, focusing on creating a fulfilling life instead of engaging in meaningless relationships or waiting for luck.

High value men are bold, unafraid to approach women, know how to be alone, and ignore women to attract the highest quality partners.

If a woman starts fights and picks unreasonable arguments, high value men should not engage and instead ignore her until she realizes her mistake and they can have a direct conversation.

It's better to be rejected than waste time playing games with a woman; high value men ignore women who play games and quickly replace them if they waste their time.

High value men don't cancel important commitments for women and instead prioritize their own lives, making women work harder for their attention.

High value men are confident and relaxed around women because they know their worth, which is attractive to women, unlike regular guys who get nervous due to their lack of mindset.

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