Water is one of the most essential elements to human life. Water is one of the most essential elements to human life.

Water is a symbol of adaptability, this element is easily able to adjust to changing conditions. Water can flow, freeze, dissolve or evaporate accordingly.

Meaning 1. Adaptability

This is the element of flow. It does now resist the flow of the land or the cold of the freezer; it changes and moves with ease and grace.

Meaning 2. Non-Resistance

Beyond being physically powerful, water can also be an emotionally and spiritually powerful element. The spiritual potency of water becomes clear. 

 Meaning 3. Power

Water is considered to be a solvent as it can easily dissolve many substances.  used for spiritual or energetic cleansing and purification in so many cultures and religions.

Meaning 4. Cleansing

it is clear that water is symbolic of fertility and growth. The presence of water indicates that humans and the earth are fertile and that we can continue to grow.

Meaning 5. Fertility

Water can also be symbolic of feminine energy. As females hold water in our womb to grow children.

Meaning 6. Feminine energy

Water can be parallel to many of the natural cycles and often plays a fundamental role in the processes that form these cycles. goes through different states and cycled through the ecosystem in various states.

Meaning 7. Cyclical

water is adaptable, and this can mean that water will go with the flow of external stimuli, which can at times manifest as intensity and have an emotional energy.

Meaning 8. Emotional

The subconscious is also referred to as the unconscious and can be regarded as the parts of our mind that we are not fully aware of but have a huge influence on our experience.

Meaning 9. Unconscious or Subconscious

Water can be symbolic of adaptability, non-resistance, power, fertility, feminine energy, emotion, cleansing, and the subconscious aspect of life.

Water Symbolic Meaning in a Dream

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