Lucifer is the chief demon of the left hand, sinister path of spirituality. He is the most powerful rebel, the dark Prometheus, who presented humanity with the knowledge of fire,  also the knowledge on how to become a living god.

The first step in this process of dark alchemy is to summon Lucifer. Once the Dark Lord is summoned, he will assess the magician’s current powers and potential.

This is so simple ritual.  It’s a ritual you will be able to perform even without prior preparation on the Luciferian path, so consider it the first initiatory step of your Dark Enlightenment.

The ritual should be performed at 00:00, a symbolic start of a new day and your destined path. Prior to the ritual, self isolation for at least 24 hours is required.

your temple  should be clean and ready to receive Lucifer’s energy, not crowded with food or irrelevant thoughts and emotions. You can however ingest a moderate amount of water and tea during this period.

The purification involves gazing at the candle flame for 20 minutes every 2 hours, starting with the red candle, then moving to the orange candle and so forth. At every time, focus on the correct chakra position.

Holding your hands in the right position will help you focus on the spot with greater intensity. try it right now and see if you notice your focus shifting to a specific place in the body. after these 3 cleanses within the 24 hours before the ritual, you are ready.

Ritual item that should be placed here are Purple or red ritual robes, A blade, 7 candles, Salt, Incantation written psychographically. Psychography is the skill or action of writing automatically, whatever springs to mind on a given topic.

Right way to do The Ritual Steps 1. Get a piece of paper/parchment and a pen/ink. 2. Wearing the right robes/clothing begin the ritual 3. Use the salt to create a magic circle on the ground 4. 4 candles surround the 4 sides of the circle in symmetrical fashion 5. The remaining 3 candles are placed on the triangle’s points

Right way to do The Ritual Steps 6. Stand inside the circle, with your blade in hand 7. read the incantation out loud, holding the paper in the right hand, while the left arm pointing downwards.

Lucifer will appear in the shape of a charming Dark Prince, for others as a terrifying Angel of Death. There are others who will hear his voice without the visuals. 

Instead of focusing on the appearance of phenomena, focus on the results they bring. After you’ve summoned Lucifer, you will begin to receive the gifts that you asked for, whether it is wealth, respect, spiritual development or something altogether different.

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