Slender Man is a fictional character that originated as an internet meme in 2009. later it become most popular urban legend and myth for modern world.

He is depicted as a tall, thin figure with a featureless face and elongated limbs, often wearing a black suit. sometime it show octopus like tenctile.

Slender Man is known for his ability to teleport and manipulate his tentacle-like appendages, which he uses to ensnare his victims.

He is often associated with forests and abandoned locations, and is said to stalk and prey on children and young adults.

Slender Man has been the subject of various fictional works, including video games, movies, and literature, contributing to his popularity.

The character gained notoriety when it was linked to a real-life criminal incident in 2014, known as the Slender Man stabbing, involving two young girls who attempted to kill their friend to appease the fictional character.

Slender Man is often portrayed as a malevolent entity, instilling fear and paranoia in those who encounter him. people believe him and become his servent once he haunt them.

He is typically depicted as a supernatural being, with some interpretations suggesting that he is an ancient creature or a manifestation of collective human fears.

Slender Man's mythos has expanded over time, with additional details and lore being added by fans through various forms of media.

Slender Man has become a prominent figure in contemporary horror culture, representing the blending of internet folklore and urban legends in the digital age.

Slender Man become a horrible character after incident of killing a student by his friends.  You can read more about his story and mystery of slender man here.