Rhode Island-based production company Verdi Productions has delayed pre-production on the next feature film on the company’s slate, a biopic of Muhammad Ali Jr., due to the impending SAG strike.

According to producer Chad A. Verdi (Bleed For This), the indie movie was due to enter principal photography on September 1 in Rhode Island

The movie will chart the story of Ali Jr. who has struggled to live in his legendary father’s shadow, dealing with bullying, abandonment, drug addiction and family issues.

More recently, Ali Jr. has found greater peace with himself, his former relationship, his father and his own children.

This wouldn't be the first Muhammad Ali film, per se — the most notable biopic was Ali which was directed by Michael Mann and starred Will Smith and Eli Goree also portrayed the iconic boxer

In a statement, Verdi said, “With the WGA already on strike and a possible SAG strike looming, pushing this film was the right thing to do. We 100% support SAG’s final decision

The Ali Jr. biopic chronicles the story of the son of the legendary Muhammad Ali who has struggled with living in his father's shadow.