Ivanka Trump, who is the daughter of former President Donald Trump, has been asked to answer questions in court on Wednesday. 

This is about some fake financial papers that were submitted by the Trump Organization.

Ivanka Trump, who is not a person accused of wrongdoing, is set to be the final witness called by the state attorney general's legal team in a civil fraud trial.

This trial will decide the consequences for other Trump family members. Before this, she held a high position at the Trump Organization, overseeing development and acquisitions.

During the trial, Trump was questioned about her role in handling the acquisition of the Trump National Doral property in Miami, Florida.

The lawsuit from the attorney general claims that Donald Trump provided exaggerated information, which was then used to secure a $125 million loan from Deutsche Bank.

When responding to questions, Trump criticized Engoron, James, and the trial itself. He went off on lengthy detours while giving answers, which frustrated Engoron.

He referred to James as a "political hack" and expressed his belief that the trial was being conducted unfairly.

Eric Trump initially denied involvement with financial statements, but court emails  revealed he reviewed them. He claimed reliance on others for accuracy.

Trump was previously fined $5,000 for breaking a gag order when a post on Truth Social regarding the judge's clerk remained on the Trump campaign website.

The documents presented in the trial reveal that in 1994, the Trump Tower triplex was listed as nearly 11,000 square feet, not the 30,000 square feet stated in later financial documents.

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