Brie Larson's co-star in "The Marvels" might have a more significant role in Avengers 6 compared to Captain Marvel.

Kamala Khan not only meets her favorite hero but also fights alongside her in "The Marvels," and it's a beautiful experience, especially for Kamala.

Brie Larson's Captain Marvel is ready for her next appearance in the MCU in the upcoming film "The Marvels." 

Although nothing is confirmed yet, fans have noticed a significant detail about Kamala Khan, the first mutant officially recognized in the MCU.

Fans have noticed a crucial detail about Kamala Khan, the first mutant officially recognized in the MCU. They believe she could play a significant role in the events leading up to Secret Wars.

In the movie, Carol and Kamala experience highs and lows. Carol occasionally argues with her, is sometimes impolite, and struggles to communicate effectively with Kamala.

The "bangles, which let you travel the multiverse, might play a significant role in the Multiverse Saga." However, nothing has been confirmed yet.

Kamala, who discovered her powers in the first season of Ms. Marvel, is still learning about this artifact and might unintentionally cause another incident in "The Marvels."

A theory also suggests that the bangle and Shang Chi's ten rings could be weapons against Kang. It's believed that both the bangle and the ten rings were created by one of Kang's variants.

"The Marvels" is anticipated to delve deeper into the mysterious artifact, as the film's villain, Dar-Benn, also possesses a similar bangle. This device has the power to open portals to another dimension.