magician summon demon to punish or revenge purpose. from ancient time some powerful demon are summoned for revenge from enemy.

Demons can indeed be summoned for revenge,  especially if you’re a magical novice.  you care or not, are real. Not necessarily in the good/evil sense, but more in a karmic sense.

every act of magick as playing with energy. You create a certain type of energy, and energy cannot dissipate, it can only change into something else or move somewhere else.

A “Great Strong Duke”, Aim manifests to the magician as a three headed beast. He also rides on a Viper and carries a “Firebrand in his Hand”.

you could say that if the magician is too impatient to see his enemies scorched in Hell, Aim brings the flames to the earthly realm in short order.

a demon that can be summoned to “destroy Cities and Dignities of Men”. this demon might be a bit “too much” when dealing with minor personal vendettas

due to his reputation he deserves the first mention. this is so powerful demon to summon for revenge.

this demon is described as “an Author of Bloodshed and Manslaughter”. He can also “make a Man go invisible”.

simply the concealment of one’s actions. I don’t think the potential of these particular powers to a vengeful party requires further explanation.

Amon provides the intricate help as “he procureth feuds and controversies between friends. Divide and conquer is the name of the game,

in a world where it’s more important who you know than what you know, toying with the enemy’s social circle is a clever tactic.

“his office is to slay Men, and to drown them in the Waters, and to overthrow Ships of War, for he hath Power over both Winds and Seas”.

if a magician’s enemy was perhaps sailing or flying overseas, Focalor could make the journey quite unfortuitous.

Vepar is another sea menace, as “he can cause the seas to be stormy. But more than that, “he maketh men to die in Three Days by Putrefying Wounds or Sores,

causing Worms to breed in them”. If the magician’s enemy was hurt or wounded, Vepar could reverse any healing process into a fatal outcome.

There are many other demons that a black magician could summon for derailing or destroying an enemy. These are just ten that are highly revered and described in the Ars Goetia

You can summon them for revenge and punish your enemy. for more detail read our article check link below.