If a boy is interested in a girl, he signals that he likes you by doing some different types of actions and flirting in front of the girl.

If the guy keeps looking at you and into your eyes while talking. If a guy notices every little thing about you, it means that he has something for you in his heart.

If the guy flirts with you or sometimes he calls you nicknames like baby, shona or sweetheart then it could mean that the guy likes you but afraid to speak to you.

see what he does when he is online. Does he like all your posts, photos, and everything else you share even if you think he didn't need to like it?

If a boy loves you then he will take out time for you even if he is busy with any work. He is always ready for any work of yours.

If a boy meets your family then he loves you. He wants you to know his family and him well. It is possible that the boy is a little serious about you.

To know what is in a boy's heart, observe him secretly and notice him. Try to catch him looking at you. when you look at him, he starts looking somewhere else.

When you talk to another boy, that boy gets jealous, it means that the boy loves you. Although the boy will not say this.

No boy ever shares his personal things with anyone. But if you ask, he happily gives you those things. This shows that the boy loves you.

If a boy loves you, he can never forget your birthday. Apart from this he makes all kinds of preparations to make your birthday special.

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